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Become a Software Engineer By Zerotomastery

No fluff. No outdated tutorials. No overpriced bootcamp or degree. This Software Engineer Career Path is your step-by-step roadmap to go from beginner (at any age!) to getting hired as a Software Engineer. You’ll be guided through our curated curriculum of courses, workshops, challenges, and action items to build your skills, portfolio and experience to become a Software Engineer.


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The pathway tracks your progress as you go through the pathway

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Chanllenge your programming skills by solving tough questions

Main Modules

The Complete Web Developer in 2021: Zero to Mastery (optional for you)
Learn to code and become a Web Developer in 2021 learning HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, Node.js, Machine Learning & more.
Complete Python Developer in 2021: Zero To Mastery
Learn Python from scratch, get hired, and have fun along the way with the most modern, up-to-date Python course on the web.
Master the Coding Interview: Data Structures + Algorithms
Ultimate coding interview bootcamp. Get more job offers, negotiate a raise, and learn everything you need to get the job you want!
Academy Workshop: Getting Your First Dev Job
Yihua covers the tech landscape (where junior devs should / shouldn't apply), making your resume, what employers are actually looking for and the steps to take so that you can stand out, get more interviews and get hired!
Master the Coding Interview: Big Tech (FAANG) Interviews
Get hired at top tech companies (Google, Amazon, Apple + more)! The only FAANG interview prep course you need to ace the coding interview and get hired at the company of your dreams.
Programmer’s Guide to the Big Tech Companies 💻
React.js, Kubernetes, AWS, Typescript, Web Components, and Swift are all examples of projects, ideas, and services that have been released by large, for-profit companies. Why do these big companies offer their work for free to the Developer community?
Getting Hired by Amazon as a Software Developer with a 2.9 GPA
Part of our Zero To Mastery Student Interview series, we speak with Justin Lin about how Zero To Mastery helped him land internships with JP Morgan and Amazon and what advice he has for others that want to do the same.
Apply To 5 Jobs You Really Want
This time around, you have more knowledge and more practice. It's now time to take your job hunt seriously. Find 5 companies/jobs that you REALLY want to work for and make a serious effort applying to these jobs based on the tips you learned in the previous lessons. Don't take no for an answer and see if you can land an interview at one of these companies you chose. Once you have an interview lined up, move to the next section.
Academy Workshop: FAANG Interview Prep 101
So you want to work at Google, Facebook, Amazon? This workshop gives you the real, behind the scenes look at the hiring process and what you'll need to do to get hired at a top tech company.
Mistakes I Made When Learning To Code
This article will help you save time and avoid the mistakes that a lot of beginners make. If I could go back in time, this is how I would have saved myself from countless hours, days, and months working on the wrong things.
The Developer’s Edge: How To Become A Senior Developer
Part 2. Do you want to be considered a Senior Developer and want to excel in your field? You're in the right place. By the end of reading this, you will have a set path with a list of the best resources for you to level up and become a Senior Developer.
Academy Workshop: Career Advice
Career Advice for Developers, Designers, Engineers and anyone who wants to have a successful career. Andrei gives you strategies, tips, and advice he's gathered over his many years to help you get hired and succeed in your career.
Learning to Learn [Efficient Learning]: Zero to Mastery (optional for you)
Improve memory & productivity using the skills of the world's top performers and learning strategies proven by research.
JavaScript: The Advanced Concepts
Learn modern, advanced JavaScript practices to become a top 10% JavaScript Developer.
Complete SQL + Databases Bootcamp: Zero to Mastery
Most comprehensive resource online to learn SQL and Database Management & Design + exercises to give you real-world experience working with all database types.
Academy Workshop: Future-Proof Yourself (Academy Workshop: Future-Proof Yourself)
Andrei shares the framework he has been using for over 10 years and shows you how you can use it to achieve your dream life. You will build a custom 5-year plan designed specifically for you to achieve your biggest goals.
Read the Principles for Programmers
Take this book with you and revisit some of the principles every once in a while to keep you on the right track during your career. These principles stand the test of time and will help you be a successful Programmer.
Don't be a Junior Developer
Don’t sell yourself short. Seriously, don’t be a Junior Developer. A Junior Developer puts this title in their resume, emails, and LinkedIn… They announce it to the world. Don’t.
The Complete Junior to Senior Web Developer Roadmap (2021)
Go from Junior Developer to Senior Developer. Learn all the technical skills Senior Web Developers know in 2021!
Take Your Next Step
Now that you have completed this path, it's time for you to specialize and upgrade your skills into a specific market. You are now at the point where you need to decide what you want to do in your career. Take the career path quiz again and update your answers based on your newfound knowledge from this path. We will generate a new personal career path for you to take based on your new interests and skills.